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Unearth & Re-Birth


The Divine Universe, Councils of Light & Our Master Guides begin working together as soon as a date and intention is set into motion.  Intention truly is the driving force of all movement, so embrace all that begins to reveal itself for you as it has been, and be open to this incredible energy that brings to the forefront all that is ready to be seen, transmuted and even shifted into the next beautiful chapter of your life! 

ALL things have great purpose and if we get stuck somewhere in them (our stories), then we have a hard time getting to the purpose and "Out of The Muck" of our emotional attachments.

" If you can understand the extraordinary gifts every single experience and challenge in your life makes possible, even inevitable, you'd celebrate your challenges, new and old alike, as they are of new beginnings, spectacular change, and enhanced superpowers".   THE UNIVERSE

Remember  - Each of us have a personal responsibility to
Can present this world with! 
We each represent Divine One-of-a-Kind KEYS that open the doors for one another, as we expand into greater places ourselves, calling forth our life experiences, growing forever towards the light,
even as we walk through dark places.


With each of the sessions below, we look at the "Branches" of your life and your current situation or "Story" as we follow them down to the roots of your lineage.  In doing so, on energetic levels, we encounter things you have brilliantly come here to experience and heal as we expand beyond limitations of the passed, clearing the way for ourselves and all future generations.
They say in the native tradition that as we heal ourselves, we heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.

Here through Gaia SKY we work from back to the beginning of time, and to the future of all that is.

We address Deep Soul Work and really expand our Wings into Being.

I am honored to be a part of your Blessed Journey!
In the Greatest of Ways
Gina SKY Tomé

Personal Break Through Session  *** Triple Star Rating ***

This is a powerful and unique blend of healing modalities to obtain a desired outcome.  This power-packed session is done in person OR via phone/skype and includes:
  • Intuitive Consult
  • Energetic Body Scan
  • Ancient Shamanic Clearing Techniques, Harmonic Balancing & Energization
  • Powerful Hypnotherapy, Soul Coaching®, NLP & Timeline Techniques for Quantum Infinite Change

This is truly a life changing session.  Often times people will ask me if a session 'holds' or if it can be undone.
In my experience, shamanic work is powerful and everlasting work.  Combining that with other powerful modalities to address the Sacred Trinity of our Being---Body, Mind and Spirit, is a victorious formula. 
Once healing happens it cannot be undone. It's like walking backwards on a tightrope--very hard to do.  Healing is like moving through and revealing the different layers of the onion.  And though we experience ups and downs, like the tides of an ocean, once we have expanded our consciousness on ALL levels, body mind and spirit, we re-connect to the natural laws of creation resulting in our innate growth and expansion of *Self*. There is one powerful true law in life-  "Growth is Innate".  The question is:  WHAT and HOW will you choose to grow? What circumstances will you manifest and what will you choose to become in the midst of that which you cannot change?  Powerful Powerful Powerful stuff. your choosing to become and grow no matter what the illusion of 'fear' presents you as you journey through your own life, through the exploration and healing of these layers, you will find the truth that has been there all along. 
THIS is the journey to ONENESS in which I am here, in service, to facilitate.  With love.

                                     Session Time:  2-2.5 hrs         Cost:  $250
                                                    *** Follow-up Sessions available.


Soul Coaching®, Channels, Intuitive Messages and Divine Direction Sessions

This is an intuitive dialogue as we bring in the greater awareness, direction, healing and the expansion of who you are!  We open up to receive loving messages from The Ancient Ones to reconnect you to long-forgotten information as you heal, re-member and re-align to the majesty of your being and purpose here on earth.  This is a session of transformation & divine directions as you move into greater depths and heights of your beautiful earth walk. 
This session can be directed towards towards all things--for personal body-mind-spirit healing, relationships, family and intimacy, career--sacred commerce, money, etc......
Remember, everything is just a platform to find your inner gem as you reclaim your power.
Lovingly, Beautifully, and Totally.

Session Time: 60 minutes:  $125   75 minutes:  $150    90 minutes:  $180
Sessions are conducted in person, via skype, telephone or through E-mail transmission

Phobias, Anxiety, Indecision, Smoking Cessation, etc...

Hypnotherapy Sessions Time & Cost
 1 hour  $125   1.5 hours:  $150    2 hours:  $200

Available Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Clearing, Illumination, Extraction & Energization Session

This session includes an intuitive consult and channeling, as well as body scanning and intensive body theta/soul level healing.
All in-person Shamanic Sessions are done on a Bed made of crystals--The Amethyst Biomat™.   As well, more and more clients have been purchasing  the mini travel Amethyst Biomat which can be used during your long distanced scheduled session.
This is a Quantum Clearing Session that is a beautiful and personal Ceremony for YOU.  It celebrates your journey as well as clears up the bio-energetic residue that was a part of your journey and no longer serves you.  This session includes Ancient Shamanic Techniques, Sound Healing, Sacred Tones of Light Language spoken from the Ancestors, with meridian pulsing and Light Geometries as we clear old woundings from the past, clearing them on mass energetic levels, addressing all level sof your Being.

***  In-Person and Long Distance Sessions ***
Session Time: 90 or 120 minutes                     Session Cost:  $180 - $225

***Long Distance Sessions Available Via PHONE - SKYPE - EMAIL

--Mending the Fragmented Self

Soul Retrieval is about journeying into the lower world of our parts, the deeper soils of our soul to see what resides there, what is waiting to be re-claimed--- once order to bring back lost parts of our selves.

"Often when WE know that something isn't right, we continue to mistakenly look outside ourselves when we are really to look IN TO ourselves so that we can find exactly what it is we are needing--from within.

Soul Loss is an extremely common phenomena that all of us at one point or another have suffered, losing pieces of ourselves due to a heart wound or trauma of some kind. Though it sounds a bit extreme, Soul Loss has played a very important part in our personal path of consciousness, as we take that which has broken us, and allow it to help re-claim our illuminated and even expanded Selves, re-writing old contracts as we break through barriers of our ancestry. 

In our culture we are unaware of what is out of spiritual harmony that is creating illness. 

Soul Loss could be from either:
This lifetime, or another lifetime...carried through from a generational lineage...due to old cosmic contracts as we have agreed to carry for reasons all divine, and now ready to be shifted into EXPANSION and a greater sense of PERSONAL FREEDOM.

Soul Loss can occur during the following situations of high trauma:

1.  A life threatening accident
2.  Illness
3.  Death of a loved one
4.  Loss of any kind
5.  Seeing a parent leave home/divorce
6.  Experiencing physical, mental or sexual abuse of any kind--either personally or as a witness
Soul Loss can occur for lesser reasons such as hearing bad news, feeling unloved by a parent, going though a nasty divorce, or separation of some sort.  Anything perceived as a trauma through the eyes of a child, IS a trauma.  And no matter our age, we shall always be, Children of the Sacred Gardens.  SO--it is important to make sure we are in good standing with our inner child.
  Yes, Yes, Yes...To be seen but not to be heard is a big NO NO that requires some contract changing into YES YES.

"True Healing takes place when these lost parts of ourselves get re-claimed and our voices become heard again, first by our self, to our self, with our self..."


Comments or feelings such as:
I don't feel all here...It feels as though a part of me is lost.....or a part of me is missing......a part of me died when she died, or when they left me....I don't know who I am or what I am doing anymore....I never feel right or often feel detached....I feel as though I am constantly searching for something but cant find it......I can't make decisions to fully move forward...or, What's it gonna take? 


Soul Loss seems to occur as a natural self-protection mechanism.  For example, during an attack of some kind, it is not uncommon for someone to report that they felt oddly detached from the whole situation while it was going on, almost as they were out of body looking in and down.....
This is actually the description of the Soul leaving the physical body in that moment because it would be too painful to deal with the "Wholeness" of the trauma at that time.  Our Souls know how to protect us and in doing so, IT flees from the physical body to the safety of the lower world, the safe place of Pachamama, Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, to hold us safe until we can fully deal with the actual event on ALL levels of our Being.

Often, our soul loss happened when we were so young that we're unaware of the unconscious patterns we are living out in our current lives due to our first experience of soul loss. On some level, we are always trying to retrieve our soul. And how we do this is by repeating the same trauma over and over again in order to finally see that there is an issue that needs addressing.  Unless we address something, it does not change. 
   "Life and the conditions in which we live are brilliant masterpieces to reveal our "stuff".
When we do not heal our stuff, the stories continue to repeat themselves, though the names of those involved may change...


The effects of having a soul retrieval vary from person to person. Some people feel that they are more grounded in their body and feel more solid. Some people feel lighter and a joyful way of being returns to them. For some memories of the past traumas might be triggered bringing up a variety of feelings that must be worked through. And for some people the effects are too subtle to notice a change until further work to integrate the soul is done.

As people feel more present in their bodies and in the world they become more conscious of behavior that might be out of balance and disharmonious. When we are numb we might be aware that things in the world are not right but we can easily distract ourselves from feeling a need to change. When we are fully “inspirited” there is no place to retreat to and we are more inspired to change our lives.


When parts of our Soul leave due to trauma or wounding of any kind, the Soul takes with it various gifts and strengths such as how to fully love, trust, be creative, and even live more joyfully as you allow yourself to BE and share more fully in and with this world.

It is our Divine Purpose and Sacred Intention to RE-FIND these gifts, talents and strengths of yours that would be available to you again as we retrieve, heal and EXPAND these parts of yourself, RE-Writing OLD contracts, allowing you to step more fully into a life of Grace and Abundance.

***Available for In-Person Sessions and Via Long Distance Sessions over SKYPE or by PHONE.
Session Time: 90 or 120 minutes    Session Cost:  $180 or $220


This is a 60 minute session that is done in person and/or via long distance.  It is a beautiful, relaxing and highly attuning energetic activation that re-aligns and energizes the Ascension Code and Matrix Blueprint of your Being.  We work with the Ascension Masters of Light and the Power of Love that is your Lineage of Light as we re-harmonize with a higher frequency, thus opening new passageways of being. 
This session includes the use of light language, tuning forks, crystal bowls, voice and breath combined with ancient shamanic techniques, & aromatherapy medicine oils that awaken the highest pitch of vibration.
Time:  60 minutes  Cost:  $120                           90 minutes:  $180

***It is highly recommended that this session be done after an intensive Shamanic Clearing Session.
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The GAIA SKY™ Learning Classroom & Healing Studio Presents:
Personal Breakthrough Programs &/or
Personal Energy Medicine Healing Modality Training with
Gina Sky Tomé

Each Session combines powerful modalities for the clear purpose of achieving a desired outcome AND the expansion of your SELF in this world.
The Goal:  The attune you to higher vibration as you continue clearing out revealing layers of old limiting beliefs and holograms  (both yours and the ones that are NOT YOURS) for the purpose of being FREE to live the life that is calling you, and all else that is your Sacred Birth Rite.
On a Body-Mind-Spirit Level we ignite the flight of peace, love and harmony through every layer of your being, thus, every step of your beloved journey.

***Caution***  This ALWAYS inspires a deeper connection to your self and the bringing of peace to all the decisions, dimensions and experiences you have gone through in your journey.
 ESPECIALLY the parts that have brought you the greatest pain & suffering. 
BE PREPARED for NEW LIFE to begin because you cannot un-do healing and expansion!!!

For those of you interested in this personal 7 LIFE ENHANCING ONE-on-ONE Program with Gina Sky Tomé, email the office direct and availability options will be sent to you.
   The GAIA SKY™ SoulExpansion Program is a one-on-one Personal Mentoring Coaching Program.
  It is a powerful series of 7 sessions personally created by Gina Sky Tomé designed and created to specifically assist you with your Personal Transformation and Profound Expansion on all levels as you continue to embrace your Divine True ANCIENT Soul Master Potential.

Program Includes:  7 Sessions including email correspondence/homework, soul-work, joy-implementation work, energetic check-ins, etc...
Cost:  $1499 + hst

***Due to the nature of this program, a limited number of clients are accepted per month.  Currently there is a waiting list until Nov.29- 2014.  If you are planning on taking any of the energy medicine class trainings with Gina and are called to do personal healing and clearing work PRIOR to taking any classes, please call:  416-705-6866 so we can help you make these special arrangements as soon as possible prior to your training. 
Remember, a clearing always transmutes & clears old energy patterns, making way for growth within you as you integrate new teachings and hold higher vibrations of Light with greater ease.  It is High-Maintenance, but not in the way our society views high maintenance--it is all about clearing all that needs to be cleared in order to hold the higher vibration of our True Identity.  Our Light.

***Please Note: Gina is often called to travel, therefore, sessions are conducted both in person and
via skype or phone depending on her locality ***


Gina SKY Tomé, R.T., CSC, CPLC, OCT, Hon.BA, B.ed
Passionate Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher, International Soul Coach®, Intuitive Guide, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Timeline Therapy,
Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine Specialist, Sound Healing, Yoga-Goddess, Usui Tibetan, Shamballa & Hawaiian REIKI Master,
& Past Life Regression Therapy, Singer/Songwriter and Producer

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